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Dog House Guide: Benefits of an Air Conditioned Dog House

Although the best place for a dog during bad weather conditions is inside the house with your family, there are time when that may not be possible. Sometimes dogs can get left out in the yard, inside their dog houses. A basic dog house, even if it can protect your pet from the wind, can become considerably hot in the warm summer months.


Dogs that are very active on a hot day can become overheated and develop hyperthermia. Typically between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, a dog's temperature can easily rise when the weather is hot. If it rises up beyond 105 degrees, a dog can get heat exhaustion and exhibit symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, sluggishness and weakness. If it continues to rise to more than 107 degrees, they can then develop heatstroke which can result in seizures, unconsciousness, brain damage, and in some cases, even death.


Air conditioned dog houses keep your dog safe from extremes weather and changes in temperature. No matter if it is hot or cold outside, air conditioning can help maintain the temperature inside your dog's house since extremes of hot and cold can be dangerous for your dog's health. Your pet can now stay safe and lower the risk of getting of heat stress and stroke. Visit this website at and know more about dog boarding.


If you reside in an extremely warm climate, you know how crucial it is for your dog to remain cool. Having an air conditioning unit in your dog's house will help keep your pet healthy and cool in the summer. The air conditioner can also function as a way to balance the humidity. Air conditioned dog houses furnishes your dog with the ideal amount of protection from the elements, especially extreme temperature changes. An air conditioned dog house keeps your dog safe both from the heat and the cold and are available in various designs and sizes to suits your preferences and requirements. They are cost-effective and durable, and indispensable in protecting your dog's health, read here


The air conditioner for your dog's house should be lightweight and portable and is also easy to install. You can buy an insulated doghouse that works well with these units, or you can connect the unit to an existing dog house. Installation usually takes less than an hour - you just need a flat head screw driver and an electric drill. Position the air conditioning unit on a flat surface and attach the flexible air input and output ducts to the dog house. Plug it in, set your preferred temperature and you are done! Click here to get started!